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Photo Credit: Tabby Z Photography

Gerald J. Zgabay is an ordinary guy with extraordinary stories about the messy, unpredictable path one’s faith can follow. Gerald grew up in a small town in Texas, where he was raised Catholic while simultaneously watching his father struggle with addiction. While religion was always a part of his life, his journey was full of questions, doubts, answers, and moments of complete humbleness to complete frustration. His memoirs are first-hand accounts of his experiences in the world where he has grappled with faith, a crisis of faith, race, social injustice, and Internet pornography dependences. As he reflects on these issues as a husband, father, and Christian, he deconstructs his faith and learns what it’s like to love all people, including yourself. And while he is not an ordained minister, and he I didn't go to seminary college or nor does he have a theology degree, he believes he was ordained to assist those who may not "fit" the American evangelical churches' requirements and standards. Professionally, Gerald currently works in banking. He has managed business and nonprofit teams and walked alongside men and women in their messy faith journey.


Gerald and his wife Tabby now live in Waco, Texas, and are the parents to two adopted children of color who have influenced their lives in unimaginable ways. When Gerald is not writing, you can find him gardening, enjoying nature, reading, or watching a science fiction movie or book. He proudly provides services related to marriages, funerals, baptisms, and blessings. 


Photo Credit: Tabby Z Photography

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