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Sobering Faith

As a young husband, Gerald Zgabay was hovering near rock-bottom. After spending a wild night partying in Del Rio, Texas, trying to hitchhike back to his friends in Mexico, he had a chance encounter with a man who would help him back on a path toward Christ, but not without additional missteps along the way. His first memoir, Sobering Faith, explores the sometimes-chaotic journey of faith and encourages those struggling with everyday challenges in life to stay on that journey, despite how messy things can get. It’s a reminder that stumbling blocks can be overcome to build a stronger bond with God.


Opening Up

After Gerald Zgabay becomes a Christian, he is quickly confronted by close-mindedness that surrounds him. While trying to find the right local church as he’s struggling with pornography, he quickly learns there is more to this ‘Jesus’ than Bible studies, church services, empty prayers, and alleluias. Through his frustrations and disappointments with the church, what shines through is Gerald’s stories of hope, adventure, and enlightenment. It’s this optimism that leads Gerald and his wife, Tabby, to an open adoption. As new parents to two children of color, they open their home, eyes, and hearts, learning to navigate systemic racism and recognize white privilege.

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