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Remption's Table Podcast

August 25, 2023

In this compelling episode of Today's Table, Gerald Zgabay opens up about his tumultuous journey from the depths of addiction and a life-changing wake-up call at the Mexican border to finding redemption, purpose, and connection. Alongside insightful commentary from guest co-host Steph Cherry and the soulful melodies of Skye Peterson, we delve deep into the subjects of breaking destructive cycles, the importance of authentic relationships, and the transformative impact of individual encounters with faith. This is a conversation full of raw emotion and valuable lessons, not to be missed.


8000 Promises Podcast

May 22, 2023

Explore the inspirational journey of Gerald and Tabby Zgabay in this episode, where they share 20 years of marriage, adoption stories, and Gerald's battle with addiction. As a banker, published author, and father, Gerald reveals how faith helped him overcome his darkest moments, while Tabby, a joyful professional photographer and homeschool mom, sheds light on their life together. Delve into their authentic story of resilience, love, and transformation on the 8000 Promises Podcast, with a content warning for discussions on addiction and recovery


A Slice of Caradise

October 2, 2022

Season 2 of 'A Slice of Caradise' concludes powerfully with Episode 10, featuring Tabby Zgabay’s incredible journey as a trans-racial adoptive mom and open adoption advocate. Dive into their story, uncover answers to common adoption questions, and find inspiration in God’s meticulous crafting of their journey. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify, and witness a tiny dream transform into a big, bold, beautiful reality.


Foster & Adoptive Dads


June 2021

This episode, we talk about race, family, and doing our part as foster & and adoptive dads to show our sons and daughters a better way forward. We get to hear from Alex Blake whose parents adopted 6 boys in addition to his 5 biological siblings as well as Gerald Zgabay who adopted two children with his wife Tabby. 

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